Meraki (may-rah-key)

Doing something with absolute love and pure soul while leaving a piece of yourself in your creative work

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Energy Medicine 

Sound Healing Shamanism

Sacred Living

Increasing your personal vibrational frequency to restore the natural state of your body while bringing you in alignment with your true self.


  Offering services and items to support healing and wellness including Talismans,  High Vibrational Jewelry and Hand-Crafted Items created from the heart to nourish your soul and inspire sacred living. 

Offerings + Collections + Energy Medicine

"A Touch of Meraki is something really special. I ordered an aquamarine and moonstone bracelet and a bumble bee jasper ring. The quality of the pieces and care that was taken in presentation were exceptional. My order was sent to me quickly and arrived in a beautiful box and handmade jewelry pouches along with information cards about the qualities and power of the stones used, and a hand written note of thanks. 

I should also mention that their Chakra Harmony and Balance service is wonderful. Brooke and Shawna are highly skilled guides and the experience was rejuvenating and restorative. 

I will absolutely be a return customer and recommend them highly!"

—Katrin Powell

"I have had Reiki performed on me many times. Back pain, joint pain, headaches were all eliminated or greatly reduced. The setting, location and atmosphere are perfect for a relaxing session. Thank you Meraki for showing me a heathy, non-prescription form of healing and pain management for my body, mind and soul."

— Dan French