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Meet Althea

 Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner - Usui & Tibetan Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher - Yoga Teacher

My name is Althea Ristine. Untamed Reiki & Yoga was created from my own life experiences and the struggles I have faced. After going through thyroid cancer treatment I felt like I needed to shake things up for myself. That's why I chose the blue butterfly for my logo. It reminds me, and I hope others that everyone has a voice, and everyone has the power to transform.


My vision is to hold space for people to be able to show up any way they can, for whatever may be happening in their life. To be able to find their mind-body connection and what it means to them. No one should feel like they can't be a part of something based on physical limitations


My mission is to help students nurture their mind, body, and spirit by clearly and compassionately guiding them through both Reiki and Yoga practices. I am a proud part of the LQBTQIA+ community, and its important to make everyone feel that there is space for them, and that they are never too much and their unique selves are seen.

Contact Information:

You can reach me by phone or email.



•Integrative Healing Arts & Studies - Lori Ferry SRMT     Shamanic Reiki Healing

1st & 2nd Degree       

Master Practionioner Shamanic Reiki Healing


•Rasa Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours - Greta Hill


•Integrative Healing Arts & Studies - Lori Ferry SRMT Usui & Tibetan Ryoho Reiki Degree 1 & 2             

Usui & Tibetan Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher


•The Sacred Art Of Assisting -Devon Watson E-RYT500

Yoga with Althea

Tarot Readings

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