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Yarn + Wood Collection

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Hand crafted, one of a kind, yarn wall hanging. $40+

Each Yarn Tapestry is created with a specifict intention to create and add flow or Feng Shui to any space, living room, bedroom, nursery, studio, office, or any other personal space. I choose specific colors that represent the elements used in Feng Shui and the colors that represent the 7 major Chakras.

I can also creat a Yarn Tapestry using birth colors. Did you know you have a birth color? According to Michele Bernhardt, Colorstrology combines astrology, numerology, and the metaphysical power of color to help you harness that magic, identifying a personal color for each day and month of the year.  Wearing, meditating, or surrounding yourself with your birth color proves to be beneficial and brings you into balance.

I often use feathers and varied crystals to amplify its intention. Place this Tapestry in an area that needs balance or allignment in your life. All Tapestries are smudged and Reki Charged for added healing benifits. 


I do my best to replicate the original tapestry featured in the product photos however, the beauty of my handmade tapestries is that they are unique and one of a kind and never will be exactly the same and actual product colors and tones may vary slightly.

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