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Meet Amanda


Haircut Services

Women's Cut

$60 and up for 45 minutes

Women's cut, detail and price may vary depending on hair type or length.


Men's Cut

$35 for 30 minutes

Carve shape and style into your hair with a fresh cut.

Student Cut

$50 and up for 45 minutes

Girls (12 and older) 50.00 Boys (12 and older) 30.00

Children's Cut

$35 and up for 45 minutes

Children Girls $35 (ages 1-11) Children Boys $25 (ages 1-11)

Style out

$45 and up for 45 minutes

Hair Color Services

Full Color

$85 and up for 120 minutes

All over color from root to tip.

Color re-touch

$70 for 135 minutes

Add Highlight to color re-touch only

$50 and up for 30 minutes

Please read! This Service is for adding highlights with a colour re-touch.

Full Foil

$150 and up for 150 minutes

Patrial Foil

$120 and up for 135 minutes


$185 and up for 180 minutes

Consultation is best if this is a first time balayage. Timing and pricing may vary.

For more information on service descriptions,  pricing and booking please visit

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