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Meet Dani

Sun Sign in Aquarius-Moon Sign in Leo

Ascendant in Cancer


Massage services available in January!



Dani was born and raised in Billings, Montana with her dad and sister.  She joined the Air Force at 19 years old and retired after 25 years.  During this time she married the love of her life, had one son of her own and gained two wonderful step-children (one boy and one girl).  Since her retirement, she has pursued a career in massage therapy/bodywork.  This is where she has found her new passion.  She wants to bring healing to her community through massage and bodywork.  She is a LMT and has earned an additional certification in an extremely rare modality known as Zen Bodytherapy, also known as Zentherapy®.  


Zentherapy® recognizes that from birth to death, life is a flow of energy.  This energy takes shape by our attitudes, our emotions and our bodies.  Zentherapy® releases the natural form of the body from the aberrations caused by physical, chemical, psychological and spiritual traumas.  


These abberations misalign the body and block the free flow of energy within the body and between the person and the universe.  The blocks and misalignment prevent a person from realizing their full potential and experiencing the oneness of all life.  Once the blocks are removed and the structure is aligned, the body, mind and spirit will move to a higher plateau.  


Zentherapy® is a synthesis of Eastern and Western cultures.  Many different methods and techniques are used to process the body; this includes teachings of Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, Lauren Berry, and Raymond Nimmo.  William “Dub” Leigh combined these teachings and created the modality of Zentherapy®.  


Consciously experiencing and using universal energy is what makes Zentherapy® unique.  From the very first day and throughout the Zentherapy® sessions, special emphasis is placed upon self development of the practitioner and the development of the client.  It is the goal of Zentherapy® for both the practitioner and the client to become as a child: free of fear, hate, greed and pain; living each moment to the fullest.


Zentherapy® is accomplished through ten sessions of deep tissue work.  Each session has specific goals.  The overall goal of the ten sessions is to give the body its optimum functioning ability in movement and in stillness.  Balancing and aligning the soft tissue of the body in its relationship with itself and its environment and to bring this mode of structure and functioning into reality and into being integrated in the nervous system and the spirit.


Additional certifications:

- Zentherapy

- Cupping Massage

- Intraoral Massage

- Hydrotherapy


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