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Ceremonies + Rituals

 Boost Wellness & Promote Self-Care​

What is a ceremony

Ceremonies are a sacred act to create change. We ask for forgiveness, we petition for good health and healing for ourselves, others, animals and land. For example a fire ceremony is known to transmute so we give to the fire that which we do not want to transmute into love.


What is a Ritual

Rituals are mindful practices to support conscious awareness and help define our intentions.

Self-care is an important part of our wellness ritual, and it often goes by the wayside in our over-scheduled, hyper-connected world. Consumed by “being busy,” we often forget to take time for ourselves.


It’s amazing how even the most simple practices or necessary self-care activities (i.e. brushing your teeth) can become enjoyable if we give ourselves permission to engage. If you have to do these activities each and every day, why not actually try to enjoy them? We are so used to doing things habitually and unconsciously, that we forgot this possibility even exists.


Additionally, we are so used to serving others throughout the day (boss, children, significant other, etc.), that we run the risk of forgetting about ourselves and what we need. If we set aside a few minutes in the day (better yet, in the morning) that is reserved solely for ourselves, it allows us to show up better for other people and to be fully present in the day ahead.


So STOP the routine and step in to ritual. The most widely used definition for mindfulness, coined by Jon Kabat Zinn, is: “paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.” For part of our routine to become a ritual, we must commit to performing it mindfully with intention and purpose–we become fully immersed in the activity as a way of saying to ourselves: “I care enough about myself to do this with patience and attention, rather than it being a means to an end.”

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