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Meet Dee

Sound Healer + Intuitive Empath 

Offering Women's Circles

Hello!  I'm Dee Mulder.  I am a wife, mother, grandmother and retired Midwife.  Additionally, I am an intuitive empath and certified sound healer having completed sound healing certifications from both Soul Remember and Life Changing Energy.  Having studied, shamanic practices, depth hypnosis, guided meditation, energy healing and the chakra system for the past 17 years, I have a strong foundation from which to support others willing to begin their own healing journey; to connect to their innate healing ability.  My journey to sound healing was paved in trauma and disconnection and I am forever grateful for the gifts of healing it has given me.  Today, I'm honored to be of service assisting others on their own heart-centered journey to wellness and vitality by offering individual and group sound baths and women's empowerment circles.


Thank you

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Dee's offerings in the Gather Space

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