Meraki (may-rah-key)

Doing something with absolute love and pure soul while leaving a piece of yourself in your creative work

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Meet Brooke

Sun Sign in Pisces-Moon Sign in Sagittarius

Ascendant in Cancer


Carefree, compassionate, considerate, outgoing, courageous, empathetic, creative, trustworthy, loving, patient, insightful, healer and mother.

As a young girl I could feel the energy in the a room and often times  knowing how people were feeling. As a child this made me a very big 'people pleaser', always making sure everyone was happy, had what they needed, and felt included. Not recognizing  this as a gift, I would often confuse other peoples feelings as my own. It wasn’t until I got older that I understood this to be a valuable gift; observing other individual's behavior and actions have always fascinated me. Of course I love to engage but most of the time I'm content to sit back and watch the exchange of energy.

Twenty years ago I selected a career  in the service industry. From the age of three there was never really a doubt in my mind that I wanted to take care of people, make them look and feel beautiful; allowing them to feel empowered. Always seeing the best version of someone without knowing much about them is a positive attribute. Over the years I have encountered a tremendous amount of success in the field of Cosmetology as a mentor, salon educator, salon owner, and ambassador for a major product and education company while maintaining a one on one behind the chair clientele. Constantly continuing my education and keeping current with all trends has contributed to my professional success.

Gaining a vast array of experienced it became apparent just how ego driven the industry that I had once loved so much actually is. To be honest, it had always been but so had I. Finding myself being fiercely competitive, critical, harshly demanding of myself and others.. just plain  unpalatable. It was clear  that I had gotten so far off base from the intention I once set as a little girl. Enough was enough. Spending the last of my 30's repairing the spirit that was so badly wounded from the last two decades of telling myself I wasn’t good enough, among other things was enlightening.

My healing journey has been so beautiful, so much so that it is difficult to write a brief summary. I am forever thankful for this shift and the love continues to blossom in me. Selling my salon, resigning from the  educator position with the corporate product and education company, I am now renting a space in the charming town I get to call home. I love the love, the thoughtfulness, the one on one time and the healing that takes place when I'm working with my clients behind the chair and in a treatment! Now, my education continues in a way that nourishes my soul rather than my ego. To learn more about my hair services and schedule visit

Through my own journey of healing, I personally started working with Reiki Energy, Biofield Tuning and Shamanic Practice. In 2017 I became a certified 3rd degree Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master. With my soul sister and very best friend, Shawna of (Mama Fish Botanicals), we started working together and singularly to help others repair what once was but may have gotten lost due to a trauma or any other circumstances that impaired ones ability to fully reach their potential, their life purpose.


I share with you A Touch Of Meraki,  a space that combines all types of healing. A place to retreat, grow, learn, to love, to be loved. I hope to see you there.


Lovingly, Brooke