Animal Reiki

Energy Healing for your Pet

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  • 75 US dollars
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Service Description

According to Anatole France, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Pets love us unconditionally and usually do not ask for much in return other than love, providing them with food and a comfortable home. Performing regular Reiki treatments on our pets is one way we can show them love and give them a relaxing healing at the same time. When a new pet comes into the family, it is important to find out as much information as possible about this pet by doing research into their habits, how they act and re-act to certain things, the noises they make to communicate and what is considered a normal behavior or routine. Pets quickly become an important part of the family and make us aware that they have feelings, aches and pains or emotional needs that require nurturing and regular attention. Treating a new pet with Reiki as soon as possible is a wonderful way to help them adjust so that they can be happy in their new environment. Like humans, pets can experience disruptions in their energy fields. By being mindful of our pets’ different characteristics and moods, we can assist them in maintaining a level of balance, peace and contentment. Reiki not only calms a pet and makes them feel relaxed, but also helps with any emotional healing or unwanted habits they may have developed. Often a pet will let us know that something is not right with them and that they need a little extra attention, tender loving care, and quite possibly a full Reiki treatment. Many pets sense our feelings and will react according to what is going on within our households. If a change in their routine is going to occur, a pet Reiki session can help them accept the adjustment. Some other reasons to give Reiki to our pets could include: * rebalancing the energy system and providing relaxation * helping to calm a nervous or an emotional habit * aiding with a healing when they are receiving medication for an illness or injury * strengthening the connection between the pet and the owner * reducing anxiety or stress level * maintaining their level of contentment and peace * healing physical ailments to ease pain * restoring and maintaining good eating and sleeping patterns

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