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The Spirit of the Drum

A Drum Making Workshop with Rob Murphy

  • Ended
  • $225 + materials
  • Gig Harbor

Service Description

* Journey to meet the Spirit of the Tree that gifted you the wood for your drum frame that will become the drum’s body. * Journey to meet the Spirit of the Four-legged who gifted the hide that will be the flesh of your drum. * Learn a unique spiral lacing technique as taught in the Saghic tradition [a re-dreamed Celtic tradition.] * Engage in sacred ceremony to breathe life into your using the four elements. * All these lead toward Create an intimate bond between you and the drum’s living nature * Learn to work with the drum as a conversational aid with your Guides and the Ancestors when you journey into the heart of your Spirit Drum. * Learn to care for and "feed" your drum—this drum will be different than any other drum that you will have and thus needs to be treated always in a sacred manner. * You will become aware of the Do’s and Don’ts for your drum. This is a 2-day Spirit Drum crafting workshop and, and needs to be pre-booked by the payment of the non-refundable material fees by at least one week prior to the workshop weekend dates. Material fees include the wooden drum frame, the chosen hide, all lacing materials, and the materials to make a beater stick for your drum. In addition to the material fees, there is the workshop fee of $225 that must be paid by the start of the workshop. In case of an unforeseen absence, Rob will happily craft your Spirit Drum for you upon payment of the workshop fee, which is a considerable discount over a private commissioning. Deer -- Represents the Heart, the Natural Laws of Circulation: healing and love Elk -- The element of Water, Emotions, and the Shadow Self  Horse -- Represents the Shamanic Journey that we ride into an alternate reality seeking healing for ourselves and others Cow -- Represents Mother Earth, a symbol of motherhood, fertility, nurturing, survival and protection. Buffalo (Bison) -- Has to with seeking guidance and wisdom from the Ancestors. It is connected to serving the community and connection to Sacred Source Moose -- Represents the work of Divine Feminine energies. It carries us deep into our feelings towards emotional honesty Please bring with you: a towel, garden gloves, water spray bottle, a 13'-15' stick of your choice to use for your drum beater and a potluck item to share with the group for Saturday and Sunday. Friday evening circle opening ceremony is optional.

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