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Three Treatment Package

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Service Description

Three, 90 minute sessions focusing on the Power of Sound thru Biofield tuning and a variety of Sound Healing Instruments. Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy method that targets nervous system relaxation which can alleviate a wide range of health issues. During a tuning session a tuning fork is slowly combed through your field to find places of stuck, discordant energy. The tuning fork produces different sounds and tones based on what it finds in a person’s field. As the fork finds pockets of blocked energy and reflects them back, the body will hear where it’s ‘out of tune’ with itself, and begin to autocorrect the distortions that it’s been holding onto. In essence what is taking place is the natural phenomenon of entrainment. The pure frequencies produced by the tuning fork affects the inharmonic frequencies found in the biofield, which then begin to auto correct and fall into harmonic resonance (harmony) with the dominant frequency created by the fork. Hence the adjustment of frequency! The effects of Biofield Tuning sessions are cumulative. Over time and sessions, we are training the bodies magnetic field into a more relaxed, coherent state by adjusting the flow and rhythm in the Biofield to come to center and settle down. In this work we are adjusting lifelong and ancestral patterns, and these deeply ingrained habits can’t always be fixed in just a single session. If you’ve been carrying something for most of your life, it might take a little time to reset. By bringing the coherent tone of tuning forks to your field and body, the tangles of your life can be smoothed out bringing you to a more grace filled life experience. However, there are aspects like the immediate reduction of stress that can be addressed in a single session. But bigger life long patterns or deeply imbedded traumas in our past may take a little more time and repetition to work through. It’s a process. The more you receive, the better you feel! The body has organizing intelligence. The same intelligence that will heal a wound will use coherent sound to relax down a dissonant body signal into harmony. As that happens, stress, anxiety and tension will begin to fall away because it no longer matches with the harmonic field that’s now been created around the body. And with this shift, the body becomes a happier place where things function and flow as they should and we see less breakdown and disease rise up. 
(This is a 3 Treatment package at 90 minuets each)

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