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Harvest Moon

The October 1st Full Moon is known as the Harvest Moon. Besides being a rare occurrence of this moon happening in October rather than September, this moon offers us a potent and somewhat in-your-face teaching on authenticity. The Full Moon is known as a truth teller, as it illuminates what we may not otherwise be able to see in our routine life.

This Full Moon in Aries is offering us clarity in a way that may not be as soft or pleasurable as we would like, rather it is here to remind us that there is no time like the present to check in with ourselves about the choices we are making and modify as needed.

This Full Moon asks us to combine vulnerability and courage: we are being invited to look inward and honestly reflect on where we have been inauthentic and assess how we want to move forward.

It reminds us that change is not always easy, but it is constant. And, if you choose to let it be your belief, the universe is always acting in your favor. It is very possible to swim along with the popular current for as long as we are alive, making decisions that are supported by those around us, the media, and authority figures. However, what this full moon is here to give you is full permission to connect with what is true for YOU.

There is no one who knows what you need, want, desire, and fear more than you. The Aries Full Moon provides you with the perseverant energy you need to continue to go in the direction that is truest to your unique soul. It is reminding you that you are more powerful than you give yourself credit for, and only you can step into that power. 

There is so much polarization, conflict, and fighting happening in our world. This is a moment when tensions are high and there are lines drawn between those who are "right" and those who are "wrong." Amidst this volatile landscape, this Aries Full Moon reminds us that we do not have to conform to anyone else's perception of "how things should be." We are each autonomous beings that can make decisions for ourselves and what we believe will support our community and the planet.

This is the time for the Warrior mentality. A warrior that is willing to stand for their truth, even when that truth is combative with those around them. This moon is not asking us to get into fights or assert that we need to make others align with our point of view. This moon is reminding us that living in integrity with our own moral code is more satisfying and empowering than following popular opinion. 

The Warrior mentality requires stamina. We are invited to practice what is sometimes known as Spiritual Resilience. Can we stand in our truth and listen deeply to seemingly opposing views? Can we entertain another's perspective even when it seems to be contrary to our own? Spiritual Resilience asks us to stay in the conversation, to open our hearts and ears to those willing to have conversations about what matters to them and their view point. Spiritual Resilience is especially helpful to remember when it comes to politics or any other controversial issue. Know that you have everything you need to stand in your truth as you connect with whomever is in front of you. This is not about "winning"; this is about every human being offered the dignity to live in integrity with their truth.

This full moon is all about authenticity, and one thing that is not often talked about when speaking of authenticity is the permission to change our minds, to come to realizations or insights that require us to alter our personal opinion or expand the way in which we are viewing our world. This is part of stepping into courage and vulnerability: when we recognize that there is a shift we  need to make, are we willing to make it? Authenticity is the farthest thing from perfection. Perfection claims that we have everything figured out. Authenticity on the other hand, gives us the space to evolve, grow, and continue the process of finding out what truth means.

There is no expectation for us to know it all, rather to be willing to expand, deepen, and shape who we want to be for ourselves and the world.

This moon has a relationship with the comet Chiron, which is known as "the wounded healer", and has its roots in the Greek Mythology about a great teacher and healer that could heal everyone around him. In the myth, Chiron is a Centaur who, unlike the other centaurs who were said to be obsessed with war, is one of the wisest creatures of his time. He possesses an innate ability to solve conflict and help people to heal. 

Chiron is here to serve us during this moon cycle by reminding us that we have everything we need to heal the pain we carry. The old stories, the memories, the pain that no longer serves us and that we have out grown can be placed down and parted with. Chiron also reminds us that the aspects of our being that we feel are "wrong" or "weird" or lacking in some way are the gifts we can offer ourselves and the world. We each carry a unique perspective and human experience, which no one else can speak to or describe. Thus, only you can tell your story. Only you can offer your perspective on what you are experiencing, which will serve all of those who resonate with your truth. Chiron dances through the sky and calls down to you, reminding you that even if you do not choose to take up the title, you are a healer. And your unique perspective, sharing of your authentic truth, and your compassion are your healing tools.

The concept of home is important during this moon cycle, astrological experts say. Not a physical space or location, but rather the development of an unwavering sense of home inside of us. For some, being alone with ourselves can be excruciating because of the judgement, shame, and criticism that we live with. This moon is asking us to be brave and examine if we are able to be alone with ourselves, to go inward and make ourselves at home in what we find. We each possess an unwavering stability inside of us, and this moon is asking us to examine if there are any obstacles standing in the way of accessing it. Getting quiet, meditation, nature, journaling, and other contemplative practices are ways to access how it feels to be alone with ourselves. How it feels to claim a home in our mind, heart and body.

This also touches on how we are taking care of ourselves. With the conflict and tension at an all time high in our global reality, we are invited to amplify our self care. To notice when we are being swept away by the external current and pause to come home to ourselves.

Ample space from social media engagement, time in nature, and a lot of rest are a few of the key ingredients to making sure we are not swept away in the anxiety and fear that is circulating in the collective. This Aries moon asks us to own the ways we take care of ourselves and prioritize them. This is not only for ourselves, but so that we can show up in service to the community and the planet. 

Our physical body has been said to be the only home we will ever truly know. In this regard, we serve ourselves when we notice the thoughts that are criticizing, comparing or shaming the shape, size, ability, age, color, and any other characteristic and decide whether we want to listen to that criticism or work to change it.

Technology makes it more accessible to disembody, to trade our physical experience for a virtual one and to bypass the negative self-talk. We are asked to not only intervene the destructive mental conversation on loop, but to actively celebrate the body we have been given. Feed it well, clean it, move it, touch it, love on it, and honor it as your sacred abode. 

This Full Moon is calling us out and asking for us to be authentic. To own and live in our truth and to celebrate who we are in the form we have. It is not easy, but it does make for a powerful life. And you deserve that.

FULL MOON RITUAL :: Mirror Mirror Body Love 

Being able to be in our body as it is is one of the most rewarding and empowering experiences we can offer ourselves. However, modern culture does not teach us to celebrate our body, in fact it encourages us to not like it so that we actively try to change it to meet a perceived ideal. This is why spending time cultivating a loving relationship with our body can be one of the most important things we do while we are here. 

Try this ritual every day for the next two weeks to re-write the conversation about your body and step into how innately powerful you are. 

1. Stand in front of a mirror with your eyes closed. A full size mirror is preferred, but any mirror works. Take 5 deep breaths and feel your feet on the ground.

2. Open your eyes and look yourself in the eyes. At first, it might be uncomfortable and that's okay. Be patient with yourself for this ritual. It takes courage and vulnerability to truly look at yourself.

3. Notice any thoughts that pop into your mind. Notice where they come from, the vibe, the tone. If there is criticism or negative talk, speak back to it. Offer to it "I hear you, and I choose not to listen" as you continue to breathe into your own reflection.

4. As you continue to look at yourself, place your hands anywhere on your body that is in need of love or support. Take some deep breaths whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed by the experience, gently staying with this practice.

5. Repeat the following out loud 5x in a row: 

"I forgive you, you are powerful. I celebrate you, you are powerful. I love you, you are powerful."

6. After the 5th round, close your eyes and take another deep breath. Acknowledge whatever is present for you in this moment. Allow it to be so with acceptance and presence. You are more powerful than you know. 

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