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Heal + Renew Collection
Crystals and Healing Sets

Heal the Heart - Heal the Whole

Heal Your Heart Crystal Set includes:

1- Hand stitched Sari Bag  

1- Palo Santo Stick- Holly Wood, Purify, Cleanse

1-Smokey Quartz- Grounding, Protective, Spirituality (Root Chakra)

1-Rose Quartz- Love, Healing, Compassion (Heart Chakra)

1-Amazonite- Calm, Alleviating Fear, Anxiety (Heart Chakra)

1-Onyx- Alignment, Connection, Strength (Root Chakra)

1-Rhodonite- Love, Healing, Forgiveness (Heart Chakra)

1-Moonstone-Intuition, Manifest, Balance (Crown Chakra)

*Also includes a information card on each crystal*

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